American Pancakes

#1 Yeewon I love baking for friends and family, and that's why I'll be doing a series of posts featuring recipes that a few of my friends have requested for. The first in this series: Fluffy and thick American pancakes. So here comes the obligatory, belated pancake day post!

One of my oldest and dearest friends, @nyoncat, wanted pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. She's my foodie soulmate and the both of us are always craving for decadent food (think deep fried, caramelised onions in red wine and gruyere cheese sandwich). So it's only normal that we decided to take some greasy fried bacon and caramelised banana slices, and slap it onto some pancakes.

I'm more of a waffle person which meant that I haven't made proper pancakes in years. So for practice, I cooked a stack of pancakes for dinner the day before. In retrospect, it turned out to be more of a dessert than actual dinner...

Fluffy American pancakes topped with strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, icecream and chocolate sauce.

Fluffy American pancakes topped with strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, icecream and chocolate sauce.

Tadaaa! Bacon and banana pancakes for lunch the very next day. Pancakes two days in a row and now I'm sick of pancakes. I'm glad you liked it @nyoncat.

Bacon, banana and golden syrup.

Bacon, banana and golden syrup.

American Pancakes
(Serves 3-4 people)

2 - Eggs
250ml - Whole milk
30g - Melted butter
A pinch of Salt
2 tbspn - Sugar
2 tspn - Baking Powder
1/2 tspn - Baking soda
250g - Plain flour

~ In a small bowl, whisk the eggs, milk, melted butter, salt and sugar together.
~ In a large bowl, sift in the baking powder, baking soda and plain flour. Make a well in the center of the flour and pour in your mixture. Whisk gently until all the flour is just incorporated. Over mixing can result in tough and rubbery pancakes.
~ Heat up a non-stick pan on medium heat and brush it with some butter. Pour some of the batter on to the pan and when bubbles start to form and pop, place whatever topping (bacon/ banana slices) you like on the uncooked side of the pancake. When the top has begun to set and the bottom of the pancake is a nice golden brown, flip it over. Cook until both sides are brown.


Candied Bacon (optional)

~ Completely cover strips of bacon with brown sugar on both sides and place them on a tray, lined with baking sheet. Bake in the oven at 180°C for 20-30 minutes.
~ Let it cool before cutting the bacon into strips. Place them on top of your pancakes.